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Thursday, February 11, 2016

- Third Wheel -

When you think you have been the good friend everyone's counting on, the best listener they could ever ask for, the one they turn to when they have problems that only you can solve, but when there's a pair work in class and they all have partners, you are left alone. You are forced to look for another partner who's also like you; everyone else's last choice. But you keep your head up, smile to everyone like everything's fine, as if the feeling of being left alone does not bother you at all when at the same time, all you want to do is go home and cry.

When you think you have always been there for her. It has always been the two of you, talking and laughing together. Then someone else walks in, becomes the third one between you two, and slowly replaces you. You stand by and watch them whisper secrets with each other like you don't exist anymore. You sit alone and let them make plans that don't involve you. You wait patiently for the time to get together and hang out as usual, but in the end all you receive is the pictures the two of them take without you. And you are left alone again, feeling miserable and empty.

When you think you have played your role as the best person everyone could wish for. You go to the place and everyone else is suddenly too busy to spend time for you. Then you go back, and someone close to you go there, and out of the sudden they all make plans and go out together. And you are left with pictures of them smiling and giggling.

When you think you have worked so hard to be noticed, then you end up feeling useless when other people get more attention and promotion than you. You step aside, thinking about the things that you have done wrong. You pack your things and walk away, waiting for them to notice but they never do.



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