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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

HERE'S something to watch

Salam. :)

Am bored at the office. So rasa mcm nak tulis something kat blog, about my favourite TV shows. I shared about Teen Wolf, The Vampire Diaries, Arrow, Pretty Little Liars, The Originals, The Flash, and Supernatural in previous entry and now here's more :D


It is a show based on history of Scotland and France. Kisah cinta Queen Mary of Scotland dan King Francis of France yg sgt epik. But I must say the conflict is very heavy and in season 2 when Mary decided to leave Francis for Conde and moved back to Scotland, I think I almost threw away my laptop. ahaahaa..

I know according to history that Francis died not long after they got married. But I really hope this Francis stays a little longer, even though he's obviously dying and very sick at the end of season 2. Nooooooo. :(

King Francis Valois played by Toby Regbo. I love him soooo much.


A story about Lindy, whose sister is missing for years and she's still searching for lead to find her sister. Then she meets Ben who's undercover to solve a police case. Then Ben dies because someone kills him (someone who's obsessed with Lindy) and Lindy works with Tommy (Ben's best friend who's also a cop) to find the killer, while at the same trying to find her sister.

Berbelit? Agaklah. Tapi serius best.

And I was sooooooo frustrated when they cancelled this show. Like, THIS IS ONE OF THE BEST TV SHOWS AND YET THEY CANCELLED IT :(

Tapi kalau nak tgk, still boleh tgk season 1 (10 episodes only) walaupun endingnya agak cliffhanger. Blame MTV.

I shipped them. And still do. T__T


A story about Catherine who falls in love with a beast, Vincent, who's a part of an experiment that goes wrong. Vincent's been hiding from the world for 10 years, until he meets Cat and everything changes.

When I say 'everything', it means EVERYTHING and I can't list them down here. heheh..

Tbh, BATB is less addictive compared to other TV shows I watch. I don't know why, maybe the plot is not really hmmmpppppp but it's okay, it's still good and worth watching.

Cuma utk season 2, I kind of hate Vincent and Cat for what happened to Gabe. Yeah well... Me siding with the villain is nothing new. hehee..

Season 3 is out now but I still haven't watched it. Since it only has 13 episodes so I decided to wait until the season finale then I'll watch.


Sesiapa yg minat cerita investigation, this is the perfect one for you. I love this because it's full of suspense and tension. It keeps you wondering and guessing until the end of every episode. And the actors are great, even though I don't really have my favourite cast member or character in this show. :D

But unfortunately, Stalker got cancelled and I was really mad because the ending sgt2 lah cliffhanger dan tetiba cancel rasa mcm arghhhh.... Never mind. I'll find something new to watch.

My new list ada Scream, Stitchers, cerita yg dah lama Glee, Revenge, Heroes dan jgk sedang menghabiskan Big Bang Theory. Waiting for 2016 TV shows, Containment and Legend of Tomorrow. hehe..



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