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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

when I'm not writing...

I don't always write. I mean, kalau kat kolej memang aku tak menulis (despite locking myself in my room for a week and finishing story during semester break). Waktu2 free aku lagi suka spend time untuk tidur atau layan movies/series.

Roommates layan cerita Korea sweet gula2 kapas, aku layan cerita thriller/mystery/fantasy. I don't really like watching love stories, I mean I need something besides love stories, stories that make me keep thinking, guessing and wondering.

This is what we call, OBSESSION.
Nak tahu cerita apa yg aku obseskan sangat?



I started watching Teen Wolf last year. Masa tu aku tgh browse website MTV kalau tak silap and i saw a lot ads of Teen Wolf and I thought, best ke cerita ni? Then I started downloading all seasons (1-3) and I finished watching in a short time. Then aku sempat catch up season 3B and 4. Now waiting for season5 (early 2015, I hope).

A story about Scott McCall who got bitten by a werewolf, and suddenly his whole life changed. He met Allison Argent (who died in season 3B T______T ) and he experienced a lot of unexpected things in his life, and still continuing.

Apa yg best pasal Teen Wolf? Nak aku listkan semua sekali memanglah tak dapat sbb terlalu byk sebabnya. Yg paling obvious, sebab DYLAN O'BRIEN ada wehhh dalam Teen Wolf! :D

Utk season4 hari tu ada byk watak2 baru mcm Kira, Malia, Liam, Parrish (love him!) and a few more.

Favourite character? Stiles Stilinski. Allison Argent. Lydia Martin. Isaac Lahey. nah... too many I guess.
Favourite couple? Scott/Allison (Scallison) but then Allison died and I hate other couples.
But still hoping for Lydia/Parrish to happen on next season. teheee...


I started this last year jugak. My cousin act introduced TVD to me. She convinced me that Damon Salvatore was the best. So I watched and....

Ian Somerhalder plays Damon Salvatore surprisingly great. :D

A story about two vampire brothers, Stefan and Damon who fell in love with the same girl. First it was Katherine Pierce and the story repeated itself when they met Elena Gilbert.

So, who got the girl?

I started falling in love with Niklaus Mikaelson or Klaus in season3. He was my MOST FAVOURITE CHARACTER. Even though he was the most evil original vampire in the world, I still loved him. And I shipped him with Caroline but then they decided to do the spin-off by taking all originals family to Nola. I'm not saying I don't love the spin-off, but kinda hoping The Mikaelsons stay in Mystic Falls.

TVD now dah masuk season6. It's all about TEARSSSS.

Favourite character? Damon Salvatore of course. And I started loving Stefan in season5, tbh. Niklaus Mikaelson (the most favourite one). And Rebekah Mikaelson.
Favourite couple? Elena/Damon (Delena), Klaus/Caroline (Klaroline), Matt/Rebekah (Mabekah), Liv/Tyler (the latest)


I AM OBSESSED with this one.

I just started watching PLL last two months. And I finished watching until mid-season 5 finale within 2 weeks. @___@

Act my other cousin told me about this series quite long ago but I never felt like watching. Last few months I copied season1-5 and I started watching and guess what, I COULDN'T STOP!

A story about four bestfriends, Spencer, Emily, Hanna and Aria. Alison was the one who brought them together. But suddenly, Alison disappeared and those 4 got mysterious texts from A.

Who's A?

Well, good luck figuring out!

PLL now dah masuk season5. Looking forward to watch PLL ChrismAs Special yg baru aired pagi tadi (waktu sini).

Favourite character? Caleb Rivers. Caleb Rivers. The 4 girls. Toby. Caleb Rivers. CALEB RIVERS.
Favourite couple? Caleb/Hanna (Haleb). Spencer/Toby (Spoby).



This one.
I started watching early this year. Tu pun sebab ada si Colton Haynes tu asalnya, sbb pernah tgk Colton berlakon dalam Teen Wolf as Jackson (season1/2). Kak Aima suggest tgk so aku pun cuba2 download dan layaaaaaaaaannnn.

A story about Oliver Queen who just got back from hellish island after 5 years, then he started to save his city as The Arrow.

The last few episodes from season2 were the best.
Sekarang dah masuk season3. Dan makin BEST.

Favourite character? Felicity. Roy. Laurel.
Favourite couple? None.


I've been watching this since I was in high school. Form 3, to be exact. Itu pun sbb abang aku selalu layan kat TV3 dulu so aku pun start join sekaki, tapi masa tu dah season3. So bila aku masuk degree dan mula pandai kumpul byk2 cerita, aku layan balik dari season1.

A story about Winchester brothers, Dean and Sam who hunt monsters.

Sekarang SPN dah masuk season10.
What can I say, I'm a loyal fan of SPN. heh..

In season10, just hoping that Dean will never go dark side.... again.

Favourite character? Of course Dean and Sam.
Favourite couple? No such thing.


This is a spin-off from Arrow.

A story about Barry Allen who got struck by lightning and after nine months, he woke up with superpower. He is THE FASTEST MAN ALIVE.

I fell in love with Barry since Arrow (season2) even though he just appeared in 2 episodes. Kinda hoping he'd end up with Felicity but that never happened. So I moved on.

Then my cousin bagitahu akan ada spin-off, Barry sbg watak utama. I WAS SO HAPPY.

Sekarang baru masuk mid-season finale. Try watching if you want. It's a great show.

Favourite character? Barry. Caitlin. Cisco.
Favourite couple? ........


A spin-off from TVD. I did mention I loved Klaus, didn't I? Well, I kinda stopped when this happened. I mean, I still love him tapi dah macam kurang sikitlah. =,="

But TO is good. The story is sooooo out of box. You will never know what's gonna happen next. Terlalu jauh dan tak terjangkau dek akal fikiran. haha..

A story about original vampire family, The Mikaelsons who once made a vow to stay together, always and forever. But the vow got broken and they tore apart.

Now dah masuk season2. The best part sbb season ni ada DANIEL SHARMAN aka Kaleb/Kol. Love him so much ngeeee... And I really wish Rebekah stayed until the very end.

Favourite character? Klaus. Elijah. Hayley. Rebekah. Kaleb/Kol.
Favourite couple? Hayley/Elijah (Haylijah).

I still got a long list of series I want to watch, just waiting for the right time to start. Any suggestion? :D
Try watching one of these. You will never get enough. ;)



mia kaftiya said...

macammna nak download? cuba ajar sikit. huhuuu..

Anonymous said...

Akak, I pun tengok Vampire Diaries & The Originals!! and I'm crazy about Klaus & Caroline too. Hehe. <3

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