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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

people I adore.....

In life, we do have people we adore so much right? Like, when they update their Facebook status, or tweet something on Twitter, or upload new pictures on Instagram, u just cant help yourself but hit the 'LIKE' button (or of course retweet/favourite for Twitter).

There are these two people I adore like damn much. Both are writers. *yes, writers do adore other writers*.  One of them is my age (A) and the other I call akak (B).

I adore A so much as she is so beautiful in pictures and sooooo much more beautiful in person. I'd been hoping to meet her and last PBAKL, I did. I was a like a fangirl waiting to meet her idol, introduced my name and took pictures with her. But I didn't take her autograph though. Guess I was so excited that I forgot to ask for her autograph *ketuk kepala*. Well then, I went back home kept on staring at the pictures like "How can she be so beautiful while I look like an immature girl from high school?" -_____-

I've always wanted to be like her. I mean, in a 'beautiful' ways. Beautiful here means how she dresses herself, how people around her love her, how she can show something inspiring in her own way and how she has her self-confidence despite everything she does in her life.

But then my phone went nuts and the pictures gone in a blink of an eye and I was like so sad that I thought about how I tried my best to meet her and then it turned out nothing. :(

As for B, I adore her ideas, her thoughts, her own ideology about how a girl should live in this life, how she writes something so inspiring in her every book. I fell in love with her writing since I read her first book when I was in high school and since then I've been waiting to meet her, to talk to her, to get her autograph and to take pictures with her. I didn't meet her at last PBAKL because I couldn't find the booth she was working for and I was in a rush to get back to college (as I just arrived from Korea the day before, can u think of how tired I was? =.=' ) and I had so much work to do before attending class the next morning.

I already finished reading her latest book and it was sooooo good, just like all of her books before. I told my sister and asked her (more like forced) to read the book. She loved it though heeeee.

Okayyy, this is me talking about my own idols and people I adore so much. I don't think I need to mention their names because I don't want people to know haha. But if u know me I think u already know who am I talking about. ;)

That's it. I've got so much work to do before sitting for my final exam. I will share my stories visiting Korea last month in the next entry okay. And my short trip to Pulau Perhentian. And Kelantan. :)
Till then.

fangirling? nah.... :/

ps... I've always had a problem in preposition. Is it 'on Instagram' or 'in Instagram'? -..-



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