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Sunday, July 28, 2013

- Wake up... and move on -

you're going to look back
and regret everything you let pass by
and realise the things you haven't done
are probably the best things for your life

you're going to look forward
and know that the journey of your life is long way to go
and start to think of how you're gonna survive through everything

you're gonna wake up from your bed
and look out your window
and realise how thankful you are for being given a chance to live another day
to breathe another breath
to create another moment in your life

you're gonna meet some new people
in new place
new city
new world
and you're gonna forget some people from your past
people who hurt you
people who promised you to stay but left
people who told you to remember them but forgot

you're gonna wake up next to someone
and give them good morning wish
and tell them how you glad to see them every day in your life
and show them how they mean the world to you

you're gonna look at someone
and realise how stupid you were
for keep loving the same person
for waiting for the wrong one to love you back
and for not noticing the one who has loved you dearly

you're gonna smile
and get used to all the pain
and wipe your tears
and tell yourself it is time to move on

you're gonna sit alone
and think about everything happened in your life
and realise the day you finally really move on
is the day you stop caring


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