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Thursday, February 11, 2016

- Third Wheel -

When you think you have been the good friend everyone's counting on, the best listener they could ever ask for, the one they turn to when they have problems that only you can solve, but when there's a pair work in class and they all have partners, you are left alone. You are forced to look for another partner who's also like you; everyone else's last choice. But you keep your head up, smile to everyone like everything's fine, as if the feeling of being left alone does not bother you at all when at the same time, all you want to do is go home and cry.

When you think you have always been there for her. It has always been the two of you, talking and laughing together. Then someone else walks in, becomes the third one between you two, and slowly replaces you. You stand by and watch them whisper secrets with each other like you don't exist anymore. You sit alone and let them make plans that don't involve you. You wait patiently for the time to get together and hang out as usual, but in the end all you receive is the pictures the two of them take without you. And you are left alone again, feeling miserable and empty.

When you think you have played your role as the best person everyone could wish for. You go to the place and everyone else is suddenly too busy to spend time for you. Then you go back, and someone close to you go there, and out of the sudden they all make plans and go out together. And you are left with pictures of them smiling and giggling.

When you think you have worked so hard to be noticed, then you end up feeling useless when other people get more attention and promotion than you. You step aside, thinking about the things that you have done wrong. You pack your things and walk away, waiting for them to notice but they never do.


Saturday, January 30, 2016

TV shows to watch


Memandangkan skrg dah habis belajar, kerjanya duk rumah siapkan manuskrip baru baru dan baru, tengok TV shows sambil2 cari kerja merata (anyone knows any job vacancies please let me know hehe). So... here are some new TV shows yang you all boleh tonton di masa lapang. :D

1. STITCHERS (Freeform)

I started this last year, hujung tahun, tapi dah tahu pasal series ni dari awal tahun lagi. Tapi memandangkan new series always tends to get cancelled, aku pun tunggulah sampai ABC Family (now Freeform) confirm yang series ni akan sambung ke season2, barulah download dan mula tengok.

Stitchers mengisahkan satu team yg dipanggil The Stitchers Program - solving crimes by hacking into dead people's memories. Solving crimes mungkin dah biasa, tapi stitch inside dead people's brain tu yg menjadikan series ni lain dari yg lain.  Karakter si heroin, Kirsten Clark yg suffer temporal dysplasia pun memang sgt menarik to me. Belum campur Cameron Goodkin (played by the handsome Kyle Harris) is one of the attractions in this series. :D

Season 2 returns on March 22. Mark the calendar!


Scream mengisahkan a serial killer that goes around for killing spree yg menyerupai mystery yang pernah berlaku di Lakewood beberapa tahun lepas. Be prepared to scream in every episode. *evil emoji*

My personal favourite character is Noah Foster. :)

Season 2 returns in 2016, tak pasti bulan berapa. >__<

3. THE 100 (The CW)

I've wanted to watch this for some times and baru dapat peluang menghabiskan 2 seasons in a short time hakks..

Mengisahkan kehidupan di The Ark on space after the Earth is destroyed 97 years from now. Tapi kehidupan di The Ark makin lama makin sukar sebab bekalan oksigen makin berkurang and they decide to send 100 teenagers to the ground, to discover if the earth is survivable.

You'd be surprised of how strong the lead female character (Clarke Griffin) is.

My favourite is Bellamy Blake! <3 p="">

Season 3 has just begun. My life has become wonderful again. :D

That's it for now. I've found more series to watch and I'll share again next time okay. ;)  (that if anyone cares).

New novel is coming soon. I promise a big difference this time. :D


Tuesday, August 4, 2015

HERE'S something to watch

Salam. :)

Am bored at the office. So rasa mcm nak tulis something kat blog, about my favourite TV shows. I shared about Teen Wolf, The Vampire Diaries, Arrow, Pretty Little Liars, The Originals, The Flash, and Supernatural in previous entry and now here's more :D


It is a show based on history of Scotland and France. Kisah cinta Queen Mary of Scotland dan King Francis of France yg sgt epik. But I must say the conflict is very heavy and in season 2 when Mary decided to leave Francis for Conde and moved back to Scotland, I think I almost threw away my laptop. ahaahaa..

I know according to history that Francis died not long after they got married. But I really hope this Francis stays a little longer, even though he's obviously dying and very sick at the end of season 2. Nooooooo. :(

King Francis Valois played by Toby Regbo. I love him soooo much.


A story about Lindy, whose sister is missing for years and she's still searching for lead to find her sister. Then she meets Ben who's undercover to solve a police case. Then Ben dies because someone kills him (someone who's obsessed with Lindy) and Lindy works with Tommy (Ben's best friend who's also a cop) to find the killer, while at the same trying to find her sister.

Berbelit? Agaklah. Tapi serius best.

And I was sooooooo frustrated when they cancelled this show. Like, THIS IS ONE OF THE BEST TV SHOWS AND YET THEY CANCELLED IT :(

Tapi kalau nak tgk, still boleh tgk season 1 (10 episodes only) walaupun endingnya agak cliffhanger. Blame MTV.

I shipped them. And still do. T__T


A story about Catherine who falls in love with a beast, Vincent, who's a part of an experiment that goes wrong. Vincent's been hiding from the world for 10 years, until he meets Cat and everything changes.

When I say 'everything', it means EVERYTHING and I can't list them down here. heheh..

Tbh, BATB is less addictive compared to other TV shows I watch. I don't know why, maybe the plot is not really hmmmpppppp but it's okay, it's still good and worth watching.

Cuma utk season 2, I kind of hate Vincent and Cat for what happened to Gabe. Yeah well... Me siding with the villain is nothing new. hehee..

Season 3 is out now but I still haven't watched it. Since it only has 13 episodes so I decided to wait until the season finale then I'll watch.


Sesiapa yg minat cerita investigation, this is the perfect one for you. I love this because it's full of suspense and tension. It keeps you wondering and guessing until the end of every episode. And the actors are great, even though I don't really have my favourite cast member or character in this show. :D

But unfortunately, Stalker got cancelled and I was really mad because the ending sgt2 lah cliffhanger dan tetiba cancel rasa mcm arghhhh.... Never mind. I'll find something new to watch.

My new list ada Scream, Stitchers, cerita yg dah lama Glee, Revenge, Heroes dan jgk sedang menghabiskan Big Bang Theory. Waiting for 2016 TV shows, Containment and Legend of Tomorrow. hehe..


Friday, July 31, 2015

# internship

Salam. :D

Lamanya tak update blog. Jadi di kesempatan ini saya nak ucapkan SELAMAT HARI RAYA, MAAF DARI ZAHIR & BATIN andai ada tersalah dan tersilap kat mana-mana. Kosong-kosong ok. ^__^

Mcm tajuk yang ditulis kat atas, lagi dua hari aje aku akan mulakan internship. Final sem di tempat orang, haruslah nervous sampai tak terucap. Mcm-mcm benda ada dalam kepala ni, takut tak boleh nak perform lah, takut tak boleh fit in dengan org kat sanalah, takut takde kawan nanti pergi lunch sorang-soranglah.. heheh. Jadi aku mohon doa kawan-kawan smg segala-galanya dipermudahkan. Aku doakan kawan-kawan lain yg pergi internship tu jugak moga semuanya baik-baik saja. :)

I'm planning to write cerpen for raya. Tapi tak tahu lagilah bila boleh tulis and bila boleh publish kat sini. Tapi yg pasti dalam bulan syawal ni jugak. Tak dpt syawal ni, kita postpone syawal tahun depan.. ahaha.

Okey bye. 

ps. Sesapa yg dah dapatkan BUNGA DI TAMAN LARANGAN di kedai-kedai buku, selamat membaca. Happy reading and happy weeping! ;)


Monday, June 22, 2015


Assalamualaikum. :)

Sorry sbb dah agak lama menghilang. Know that I'm really reaaaalllyyy realllllyyyyyyy busy right now. Seminggu dua ni memang berjaga malam sampai pagi sbb siapkan final project. But then they surprised me with this news. Thank you LoveNovel. *love*


Alhamdulillah, novel ke7 saya bakal menemui pembaca tak lama lagi. In fact, dah siap menunggu di ofis LoveNovel untuk ditandatangan. Dalam kesibukan saya yg tak terhingga ni, saya akan luangkan masa jgk untuk pergi signing nanti, istimewa buat mereka yg sudi dapatkan BDTL. I appreciate every single one of you. <3 nbsp="">



NO ISBN : 978-967-0907-06-2



Ini bukan kisah kahwin paksa, bukan jgk kisah perampas dan org ketiga, bukan juga cinta bersegi2. Ini kisah tentang Syarizad yang mula belajar tentang sucinya cinta tanpa dendam di hati, dan masih mampu hidup bahagia setelah bermacam-macam rintangan yg perlu dilalui..

Sedikit teaser.. bila bad girl bertemu ustaz..


Syarizad menutup semula buku notanya. “Hmm... Encik Ben,” panggilnya.

“Ya,” jawab Ben. Masih lagi sibuk mencari-cari fail di atas rak besar di belakang mejanya.

“Encik Ben nampak hensem sangat pakai baju Melayu,” puji Syarizad sambil tersenyum-senyum. Dah mulalah nak keluar segala ‘hormon’ gatal.

Ben sekadar tertawa kecil. Sudah biasa sangat Syarizad memuji dalam nada begitu sampaikan dia sudah faham sangat. “Pagi tadikan saya tak masuk ofis. Pergi masjid dari rumah, dapatlah pakai baju Melayu ni. Kalau tak, pergi solat jumaat dengan kemeja ajelah,” jelasnya. Setelah jumpa fail yang dicari, terus tangannya menarik fail itu dari atas rak.

Syarizad hanya mengangkat kening. Hati semakin dingin mendengar kenyataan itu. Memang ciri-ciri jejaka idaman gadis-gadis.

“Awak tahu apa keistimewaan hari jumaat?” Ben bertanya sambil duduk di atas kerusinya.

Syarizad diam memasang telinga. Satu lagi tazkirah?

“Hari jumaat ialah penghulu segala hari. Hari mustajabnya doa dan hari penghapus dosa. Ada banyak amalan-amalan sunat yang kita boleh buat hari jumaat ni. Antaranya, bercukur, potong kuku, berselawat sebanyak mungkin, baca surah Al-Kahfi... Oh ya, surah Al-Kahfi ada banyak keistimewaan tau? Antaranya, Allah ampunkan dosa-dosa kita antara dua jumaat.” Ben tersenyum tenang sambil memandang ke arah Syarizad. Gadis itu dilihatnya tunduk ke lantai tanpa menjawab apa-apa. Dia tahu, jauh di sudut hati Syarizad sebenarnya tersentuh, tetapi gadis itu cuba menafikan semuanya. Entah kenapa, Ben merasakan satu tanggungjawab dalam hatinya untuk membimbing gadis itu kembali ke jalan yang benar. Kalau pun tidak banyak, cukuplah kalau dia dapat membuka hati gadis itu sedikit.

“Encik Ben ada apa-apa lagi nak cakap? Kalau tak, saya nak keluar dulu.” Syarizad meminta izin. Satu benda yang dia tidak suka tentang Ben, lelaki itu suka berceramah kepadanya tentang agama. Walaupun disampaikan secara halus, dia tetap rasa bagai ditampar kuat-kuat. Nak menggoda lebih-lebih pun sudah tidak menjadi.

“Pasal malam ni, jangan lupa.” Ben mengingatkan. Tidak mengapa kalau Syarizad cuba mengelak, yang penting dia mendengar. Yang selebihnya, dia hanya mampu berdoa semoga Allah SWT membuka pintu hati Syarizad untuk berubah.

“Oh... Saya takkan lupa, jangan risau.” Syarizad tersenyum. Lega apabila Ben tidak lagi mengasaknya soal agama.

“Bagus. Saya jemput awak lepas isyak. Pastikan awak solat dulu tau, nanti balik kalau penat awak boleh terus tidur.” Sempat lagi Ben berpesan. Masih cuba menyelitkan peringatan dalam ayatnya tadi.

Terus senyuman Syarizad berubat kelat. Ingatkan dah habis, rupa-rupanya belum. Tanpa membalas apa-apa, dia terus keluar dari bilik Ben. Dia duduk di tempatnya semula sambil melepaskan nafas berat. Panjang menungannya, seolah-olah tembus skrin komputer di atas mejanya. Setiap kata-kata Ben kembali terngiang-ngiang di fikiran. Betapa dia sudah terlalu ‘jauh’ sehinggakan dia rasa malu. Malu dengan Ben dan yang penting malu dengan diri sendiri.


Anyway, thank you so much for your support selama ni. Ketahuilah saya takkan mampu menulis tanpa sokongan para pembaca sekalian. And this is something very special I can give to all of you. 

Much love,


Sunday, June 7, 2015

Day5: Describe your typical day in your current life


Typical day?

Wake up. Go to class. Eat. Sleep. Do the assignments and group projects. Study for the tests. Eat again. Sleep again. Repeat.


Friday, June 5, 2015

Day4: List 10 things you would tell your 16 year old self if you could


1. "You see that boy in white over there? Okay now, turn around and walk away."

2. "It's Physic class. Come on, don't sleep. Focus!"

3. "You feel that pain on your knees? Ask your mom to bring you to the hospital. And be strong. Whatever the doctors tell you after this, do not cry."

4. "No. Don't text the number."

5. "Stop being stressed over your studies. Your school days need to be experienced with joys and happiness. Be happy so that you wont need panadol every time you get stressed over something."

6. "Be good. Don't have crush on anyone."

7. "Your life will be better and better. So be strong and don't ever give up with the little hardships you now face."

8. "Let them talk. You owe them nothing."

9. "You're a smart girl. Show them."

10. "Don't ever feel lonely. Have faith that someday, you will meet some new wonderful people that bring light into your life. I promise."



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